Swetha Basu caught red-handed in prostitution?

Jagadeesh December 13, 2013 0

Swetha Basu Caught in Prostitution

Swetha Basu of Kotabangarulokam fame caught red handedly in prostitution. Earlier we have seen many heroines who tuned out in this manner for easy money; they feel that this is just like acting but it utters their career to foot.

Swetha Basu was caught in a string operation conducted by a Channel. Many shocking details were reveled out. As per the sources Swetha Basu will be in contact with brokers who brings her big shots in the city and sets deals, brokers will be given commission for their work, in a phone record she said that “I charge 3 lacs for 3 hours and 6 lacs from politicians”.

She is expressing her rates to media without any shy. Other than Swetha Basu there were two other Heroines who were in this category but their names were not revealed out.