Mahesh Babu six pack

admin June 11, 2013 0

A  trend has been set in the film industry from past few years starting with Allu Arjun almost all the top hero’s have tried the muscular posses except Mahesh. Now for this new movie he is getting ready to pose his six pack before the audience, he is undergoing intense training with special care and strict diet. He hired two professional trainers Gregory, Joujon-Rocheto attain six pack and whopping Rs 1 crore as their fee, they take care of the Prince work outs without losing his glamour. His previous attempt have failed and resulted in a serious damage to his glamour, now he is confident with this attempt.

After twelve weeks of training he looks in a  lean & fit look. His charming smile has seen to decrease a bit. Let’s wait and see how well the audience would receive Mahesh shirtless on Silver screen in Sukumar’s film.